Call Tracking For Ad Agencies

Ad agencies have many tools available for understanding how their business is running. Whether online or offline, plenty of methods are used to calculate your return on investment (ROI) or understanding how well a campaign is performing versus another. However, call tracking provides an application that streamlines your analytics into one web based format. This allows any marketer, from novice to highly experienced, to develop sound conclusions on marketing and advertising efforts. User friendly applications that capture the most detailed statistics are at the forefront in this web 2.0 world.

Call tracking has been around since the 90’s and it’s only until recently that this software has been most noticed by businesses everywhere. This call software has been gaining momentum as it becomes easier to manage, implements new features, marketing call tracking and streamlines workflow. A tracking number is better than a regular 800 from the phone company for an ad agency when it comes to reports and tracking statistics. Some of those key features include calculating return on investment (ROI), records the phone calls for quality control or sales training, and the ability to track multiple ad campaigns on the same platform.

Call tracking allows companies to stay on track with their goals. It keeps everyone accountable because it can reveal how the marketing is performing. Whether you’re wasting money on a campaign or the sales team is not closing deals, it quickly reveals that information in the detailed statistics it reports. While hours are spent calculating how well the marketing does, a tracking system logs all call activity, so that information is reported in real-time. This is great for managing multiple campaigns without too many hands in the project.

Not only is it great for marketing, but it well utilized for internal use. While it tracks your marketing responses, it also keeps allows you perform quality control, listen in on the recording and see how your customer service handles each call, closing ratios, and call length, just to name a few. This call software has been greatly used in call center to monitor hundreds of calls that flood the phone lines and it would essential for a business to invest in a call tracking application. As this program becomes more advanced and more features become implemented, it’s easy to see how call tracking can improve any ad agencies business and streamline the workflow. Try call tracking today and discover the benefits this application brings to your company.


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