Explore Culture & History of Egypt on an Affordable Vacation!

One of oldest civilization Egypt is absolutely a dream destination for anyone with interest in new cultures and history. The Pyramids are always beautiful start to fun with Cairo, مكتب ترجمة being the first stop; the city museum has the artifacts and mummies. Much of the language and the templates are being translated to give you the first hand look into the life that was once the height of civilization. There are so many historic parts of Cairo that you could spend almost a month with each day in different expiation with full culture and meals that you will not forget. The camel back rides can give you the first hand idea what the life might be for the mesons for the great pyramids.

The Camel market is only 21 miles away from the capital city. This is weekly affair and you might find the tea shops with so many story tellers giving you the chance to hear the aged old stores of Ali Baba or Prince of Persia. The red sea could be a great place to see the many shipwrecks and marine life that has evolved like now where else in the planet. The living coral reef and the salt drop off with mysterious formation and crystals could be something you will not forget easily. The diving is very easy in here and the best place to do is the head of Ras Muhammad National Park. tienda de adultos

The western desert has some of the last remaining nomadic and gypsy tribes of the world. There are many fortune tellers that might give you the glimpses to the future with help of aged old wisdom, stars and palm reading. Fresh fish could be on the menu during the whole Egyptian travel, Alexandria port has the freshest sea food salads and even the Chinese restaurants in here are exceptional. The local food is much more mild than the African or even Indian on the heat and spice levels. There are some unique things like Hot-air ballooning, and Cruise on river Nile that might give you chance to see places you might not see other wise. A hub really between the east and west, you might find the belly dance along side the traditional fire dance also in many of the hotels and clubs in Cairo.


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