For Restaurant Hood Installation – Try to Keep the Costs Down by Reducing the Number of Contractors

A full-service restaurant fire protection business installs, services, repairs and performs routine inspections and cleaning for hood and fire suppression systems. The services could be even expanded to include installation of heating, autobuyer FIFA 23 ventilating and air conditioning systems.

The mechanical engineering field has many areas of expertise, such as water heaters, boilers, heating units, HVAC systems and hood exhaust fans, to name a few examples.

Typically the HVAC contractors don’t have much knowledge about hood installation, but because it’s mechanical, they can figure it out.

It is apparent to everyone that nowadays a lot of the restaurant owners and managers are giving hood installation contracts to HVAC contractors.

There are few companies who handle all aspects of air handling who have the whole process in mind during installation. This means that general contractors have only one company they can turn to that is proficient in both areas and it’s a lot less headache for these contractors as they to do business with fewer companies. flejes

Besides being less of a hassle for contractors, using one company for all the air handling aspects of a project provides optimum air balancing, minimizes redundancy in set-up, streamlines permitting processes, requires less paperwork and lowers costs by five to 10 percent. Considering that these restaurant mechanical engineering projects can range from $50,000 to $500,000, that is significant savings.

Since a lot of preparations for hood systems overlap with HVAC preparations , when those are done in conjunction it keeps costs down . For example, significant money can be saved on equipment rentals when one contractor is doing all of the work. Renting cranes at $200 an hour and renting special ladders and scaffolding adds up, especially when several contractors are charging those fees to the general contractor or the client.

Normally, when you rent a crane, you pay a minimum of two hours, regardless of whether the job takes 20 minutes. It makes sense to have one contractor do all the work that requires a crane than to have three contractors rent that piece of equipment separately.

The permitting process also is cheaper when one contractor is pulling all of the permits. It’s a lot of little things that add up.

Reducing the number of contractors on a job also decreases the risk of air balancing issues. There is a chance when several contractors are involved in an air handling system that the air balancing won’t be correct.

If one contractor doesn’t do the air balancing properly, the hype hunter that could affect the whole building, and finding the source of the problem could be difficult.


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