The Great Masters of Fake News

Human progress and the establishment on which we rely are mostly based on the work of those who engage in deceit and fake news. Religions play the greatest role and over the last 2,000 plus years they have created the World Order. Every individual has a role in this because beliefs are systemic throughout societies. Organisations based on them dominate governments, the law, retroconsolas and the military.

What goes into the mind by the age of seven is not only extremely hard to overturn but sets the goal of the individual for life. Work patterns, social interchange, and human resources are all controlled by what the parents and teachers drive into them. sophiazimmermann

So what is fake news? According to Wikipedia sites that engage in it are responsible for hoaxes, propaganda and of course, ‘disinformation purporting to be real news.’

It can be taken further, however, vitamondo as the belief systems also fall into this category. Only those with inner knowledge are able to remove the fiction and get to the underlying facts. For the majority this is impossible as the smoke screens and legal barriers are too strong and too big to navigate.

The Spirit of the Universe, however, civirtualtours is removing the latter so that light shines through the darkness. As it is the Great Creator it’s responsible for man’s blindness and the institutions on which he depends. It also made our minds to work in such a way that governments may control them.

While the majority don’t believe in such a thing their ignorance and denial of the facts are largely responsible for their reasoning. Globally we see a movement of people away from the traditions as they engage in something unique. They talk to and with the Spirit.

This fact is also hidden from the majority who are not meant to hear or understand it. They ridicule and target anyone who claims a connection to the Universal Spirit. The religious organisations have banned it as being ‘from the devil.’ They also banned reincarnation. 1stchoicepestcontrol

It is because of my memory of reincarnation and a vision given to me between lives that has enabled me to speak out and condemn them as the great masters of fake news. Their goal is to trick people into believing in their propaganda, such as the existence of heaven and hell. Their great hoaxes are the so-called prophets or ‘Sons of God’ who supposedly came from heaven to teach man God’s ways.

As we rapidly approach Easter and the celebration of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, optoki on which Christianity is based, it is timely for those who engage in the festival to wake up to the origin of it.

The economic and social structures that make up civilisation is so grossly misled and enhanced by disinformation that we are killing the planet. Our only source of life is dying beneath our feet and the air we breath is now so polluted that many horrible diseases spring from it and yet the fake news broadcasters and masters of it remain in business. randy


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